It’s no secret smartphones have made a huge impact on the way we go about cooking, talking with friends, sharing information, taking pictures, and SHOPPING. With Black Friday quickly approaching, we know there are some of you that are all in! You are the ‘Black Friday Warriors!’ You’re out there, coffee in hand, shivering, in line to snag that perfect deal.

Here at The Bank of Missouri, we also take our Black Friday shopping very seriously, and we wanted to share our Top 5 Smartphone Apps to help you be the most prepared ‘Black Friday Warrior’ you can be.


1)      Evernote

When it comes to Black Friday shopping, organization is key. That’s why we recommend Evernote. You can take clippings of online ads and make lists of prices and items. This will allow you to keep an organized list of what you’re going for and how to budget accordingly. You can even turn your lists into check lists, so you can easily mark your items off as you get them.


2)      Marco Polo

If you’re utilizing the ‘buddy system’ this Black Friday, Marco Polo is a great app to have. When you’re splitting up to ‘divide and conquer’ you may lose contact, and let’s be honest, trying to make a phone call to your group can be unfeasible. That’s where Marco Polo comes into play. The Marco Polo app is like a video walkie talkie. It allows you to record video messages to send to your group, or if the app is open, you can see the videos in real-time! Marco Polo even allows you to create group chats so the whole team can stay in constant contact.


3)      The Bank of Missouri App

That’s right! The Bank of Missouri’s updated app is in our arsenal of Black Friday smartphone tools. Whether you need to check your account balance, deposit a check, transfer money between your accounts, or pay your friend back for the coffee you both had while waiting in line, this app has it all. With The Bank of Missouri app, the nearest 24/7 branch is in your pocket.


4)      Flipp

Want to stay on top of all the Black Friday deals without having to carry around all those paper ads? Look no further than the Flipp app. You can quickly access your favorite store’s Black Friday ad and even ‘clip’ your favorite deals into an easy-to-find group for easy access.


5)      Life 360 Find My Family, Friends, Phone

Even though you’ve downloaded Marco Polo and devised a game-plan, the craziness of Black Friday can kick in. You get in your zone, you lose track of your group and, for some reason, no one is getting your messages. Enter “Life 360.” This app allows you to share your real-time, current location with your group so no one gets swept away in the Black Friday chaos.


We hope this list helps you get the most out of your Black Friday this season. If you have a helpful app, let us know in the comments or on any of our social media platforms with #BOMBlackFridayWarriors. Here’s to you, Black Friday Warriors. Have a safe and fun Black Friday!

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