Tiny phone runnerYou have a smartphone, we have a smart app. Together, this equals Smart YOU. Some people only do their banking at the bank. Not you! When you’re a Bank of Missouri customer, you know the best bank is the one you can take with you.

Whether you’re new to our mobile banking app or are a longtime user, we bet you’ll see some ways to save time here.

7 Ways our App Makes Your Life Easier

1. Log In Faster with your Fingerprint. On compatible Android and iOS devices, your fingerprint is your access to mobile banking. Log in without entering your user ID or password. Now, that’s convenient!

2. Check Balances Immediately. The main reason many of us pull up our mobile banking app is to check account balances and recent transactions. In our app, your balance is the first thing you see. Simply tap your account to view your recent transactions. Have multiple accounts at The Bank of Missouri? Transferring money between accounts is a snap, too.

3. Pay Bills in One Minute. What if we said you can pay a bill in about a minute? Paying a bill is as easy as selecting the payee and entering the amount and date. And if you need to add a new payee, you can do that, too.

4. Pay a Person from your Phone. With Pay a Person, send a payment to anyone you need to, whether you’re paying a friend back or paying the person who cleans your house, for example. You can even set up your new individual payees right in the app. You’ll never need to visit your desktop Online Banking to use Pay a Person.

5. Mobile Check Deposit. How long do you sit with a check in your wallet before you get around to making that trip to the bank? With Mobile Check Deposit, take care of it on the spot. Just take a pic of the front and back of your check, and it’s ready to be deposited into your account.

6. Report Lost or Stolen Cards. Say you’re out and about running errands and you can’t find your debit card. That’ll get your heart racing, huh? You can temporarily suspend your card or report it lost or stolen by tapping “Settings” in the menu. We’ll get it blocked for you right away, even when we’re closed.

7. Get Password Help. You can tap for password self-reset help from the app home screen. You can also change your password in the “Settings” menu, if needed.

To get started, enroll in Online Banking, if you have not already done so. Then, give us a download and take your bank with you, wherever you go.

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Rebekah Schnurbusch

Rebekah Schnurbusch

Digital Marketing Specialist at The Bank of Missouri
Rebekah blogs about digital banking and online marketing. She’s in the age group that her first “computer” was a word processer, her first cell phone was a bag phone, and her college years weren’t documented on social media. Accordingly, she’s fascinated at how technology has shaped and continues to shape our world. And, she likes to write about it.
Rebekah Schnurbusch
Rebekah Schnurbusch

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