young entrepreneur on laptop in co-working spaceNew business owners have big goals, which can lead to big questions. How can I get more credit? When should I use a credit card vs a line of credit? How can I improve my cash flow? All good questions!

Now you can get answers to these questions and more at our Small Business Center. We’ve partnered with one of the nation’s top providers in order to bring you top-notch, engaging business finance education. Why? Because we take pride in helping small businesses get started and grow.

At the Small Business Center, you’ll find five interactive videos about:

  • Obtaining and using credit
  • Developing a business plan
  • Reading financial statements
  • Understanding business banking services

Even better, you can complete the courses any time you want, from anywhere, on your mobile device or your computer. Get started learning today. And when you’re ready to talk to an expert, we’ll be here for that, too.

Visit the Small Business Center>>

Provided in partnership with EVERFI, one of the nation’s top providers of financial education.

The Bank of Missouri
The Bank of Missouri has been building relationships and serving our communities since 1891. Our staff consists of neighbors and friends committed to their customers and involved in the communities where they live and work. Whether you are a member of our family or want to learn more about our bank, we welcome the opportunity to visit with you.
The Bank of Missouri
The Bank of Missouri
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