Your work is a big part of who you are, but it’s not all that you are. You help people every day in your line of work, maybe as a teacher, nurse, full-time parent, police officer, customer service rep, or many other vital roles. And when your workday is done, you’re still part of a larger community.

Just like you, we’re more than a banker. Just like you, we get to do a lot of good through our work – fueling small business growth, funding home loans, giving back to local non-profits and community events. And like you, at the end of the day, we’re part of a larger community. You’ll see us coaching the youth baseball team, or running a 5k, or serving on the board of the local volunteer fire department.

That’s what inspired the “More Than Your Banker” video. We’re showcasing the way we all work together to better our communities. Because beyond the walls of the bank is a community we’re invested in.

We know you’re invested in your community too, and we’re grateful to serve alongside you. We’ll see you out there!

The Bank of Missouri
The Bank of Missouri has been building relationships and serving our communities since 1891. Our staff consists of neighbors and friends committed to their customers and involved in the communities where they live and work. Whether you are a member of our family or want to learn more about our bank, we welcome the opportunity to visit with you.
The Bank of Missouri
The Bank of Missouri
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  1. Dawn White says:

    I am interested in opening a money market account. I was wondering where I could find information about interest, minimum deposit, and withdrawal limits.

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