All throughout April and May, our Southeast Missouri customers may have enjoyed seeing their bank on local TV! The Bank of Missouri took part in several Business Break TV segments on KFVS-12. We also shared these videos onto our social media sites, so all of our customers could hear our same message. Our hope was to get the word out to a mass audience about the business banking services offered at The Bank of Missouri. While we did just that, we thought it would be fun to show you a few “behind-the-scenes” photos taken during our tapings.

Lauren and Tina on TV

Thinking about shooting TV commercials?

If your business is thinking about shooting TV commercials, there are a few things to keep in mind when selecting your spokesperson. First, make sure that person has a nice voice.  Having a pleasant, easy-to-listen-to voice is crucial.

Don’t shoot the messenger, but definitely coach him or her

Make sure your spokesperson knows how to speak in short, strategic messages. If he or she doesn’t, and you’re still convinced that person is the best fit, then at least make sure your spokesperson is open to coaching. Long-winded speakers need not apply! The best practice is to write down your thoughts, say them out loud, and start trimming. Yes, I’m telling you to go to a quiet room and say your message out-loud repeatedly. In today’s world, you can even record a “selfie” video of yourself, just so you can get a better idea of your presentation skills on-camera. I’ll even challenge you to record yourself a few times, play it back, and watch to see if there are any nervous hiccups (i.e. talking too much with your hands, fidgeting, swaying).

Casey and Lauren behind the scenes talking

Practice makes perfect…but.

Yes, that old adage rings true. However, in the broadcasting world, you can be too polished. I know this throws out all conventional wisdom, but think about it like this. Which speakers do you enjoy hearing from the best? How does your pastor speak? What do TV show hosts have in common? I’ll bet your favorite speakers often go off-the-cuff, apologize if they misspeak, and use a lot of sincere eye contact. No one enjoys hearing someone read directly from a PowerPoint presentation or directly off cue cards. My advice is to memorize your message so well that when it comes time to convey it, you don’t need those cue cards. The best presentations are those given by speakers who truly believe in their message and know their facts. These are the people who truly make the best presenters and are the most believable, thus more credible.

Since my coworkers here at The Bank of Missouri sincerely believe in the message we’re broadcasting, I didn’t have any trouble getting them to convey it once it was time for, “Lights, Camera, Action!” As mentioned in earlier blog posts, I worked as a TV newscaster at KFVS for almost a decade and at two other Missouri TV news stations prior to that. I am thrilled to be able to put those skills to use here at The Bank of Missouri. I truly enjoyed helping my coworkers rehearse their message and guide them on the best way to convey our thoughts in a short amount of time. I hope these tips have helped you, too.

Lauren Keith Heuring

Lauren Keith Heuring

Social Media Specialist at The Bank of Missouri
Lauren Keith Heuring is a blogger and social media guru by day and a mom and wife by night. She started working as Social Media Coordinator at The Bank of Missouri in October 2014, after leaving a decade-long career as a TV News anchor in Cape Girardeau. Now, she’s in our commercials currently airing on KFVS 12. (Oh, and if you’re ever put on-hold during a phone call, you might recognize the voice on the other end of the line, informing you about bank services.) On this site, you’ll find some of Lauren’s articles. She lives in Southeast Missouri with her husband, two young daughters, one dog, one cat and almost a dozen Belgian draft horses. (Don’t know what those are? Picture Clydesdale horses without all the fringe on the hooves.) Lauren loves interacting with our readers and our customers, so be sure to say hello or comment on one of her posts.
Lauren Keith Heuring
Lauren Keith Heuring
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